Benefits of After-School Program

The school bell rings and signals the end of another school day. What will your child be doing in the hours before you get home from work? The hours directly after school can be some of the most important hours in a child's educational and social development. However hectic work schedules often do not allow parents to spend quality time with their children during these vauable hours and many children end up without proper adult supervision. After-school programs offer a safe and educational solution to this dilemma.

After school programs can provide studends with a safe and adult-supervised environment for them to keep learning or develop new skills. A good after-school program will not only ensure the safety of a child, but also foster intellectual growth and social well-being. In fact, according to the National Youth Violence Prevention Center, new research "shows that students in after-school programs exhibit fewer behavioral problems, better ability to handle conflicts and improved self-confidence".

With a variety of after-school programs available, how can parents ensure that their children's time after school is filled with activities that will encourage their growth and give their children a step ahead for the future? Some of the most important factors that parents should consider when searching for an after-school program for their student are the reliability of the program, safety of the location, an educational focus and, most importantly, a fun and social environment their children can look forward to after school.

Best in Class Education Center is now offering an affordable and high-quality After School Program at the Fremont location that offers each of these elements and more. The program provides an hour of homework help each day to academically support students. Additionally, Best In Class will also provide students with study materials from their proprietary Math and English curriculum to enable students to achieve their maximum potentials in both subjects.

Besides the academic skill-building, Best In Class's After School Program students will also have the opportunity to participate in fun, engaging group activities that teach children valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, self-expression and conflict resolution to help them develop confidence in social settings. According to an article in Early Childhood Research and Practice, many academics believe that "social interaction is the primary means by which children arrive at new understanding". Children in after-school programs will have the chance to interact with fellow students and develop their social skills.

Participating in a good after-school program will benefit children mentally, physically and emotionally. By providing a safe and healthy environment for students to learn and grow, busy parents can worry less about the risks and bad influences their students may encounter without the proper supervision of caring adults. For parents whose schedules prevent them from spending time with their children in the hours directly after traditional school hours, after-school programs may be the perfect solution to allow students to flourish in fun, social environments that also ensure their safety and academic growth.

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